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Heather Shanholtz interview!

Heather Shanholtz has been featured in many national and international magazines including Maxim Espanol, American Curves Magazine, Ultimate MMA, Muscle Mag, Planet Muscle & more. She has also done Aphrodisiac Ice Cream and Dunkin' Donuts commercial, has been featured on Burn Notice, Mtv, Speed, & Fox News. She frequently visits the Playboy Mansion as one of the painted ladies and makes appearances nation wide.

We especially call Heather "The girl with boobs and brain!".

Details of  Heather Shanholtz:
 5' 6"
 115 lbs
Hair color:
Hair Length:
 Shoulder Length
Eye Color:
Skin Color:

Heather's website: www.HeatherShanholtz.com
E-mail:  Booking@HeatherShanholtz.com 
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/22359

Guys, you can follow Heather on various social networking sites! 

Instagram: @HShanholtz

Photography by URBAN STYLZ

Here is our first interview of the best swimsuit/glamour/magazine models out there today Miss Heather Shanholtz!

Where are you originally from?  
Baltimore, MD

How did you started modeling?  
I always wanted to do it so I signed with my first agency and set up my first shoot.

How long have you been modeling?  
8 years

How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?  
I wasn't nervous at all but going back and looking at old photos I definitely didn't know what I was doing lol!  Just like everything practice comes a long way.

How did you feel walking into your photoshoot?  
I was filled with excitement.

Did you ever pose nude?  
Nope and never will.

Are you currently working on any projects or goals for the future?  
My new company ProvocativeImpressions.com it's mine and Justin Price's company where we have models paint canvas with their bodies and then sell the artwork.

What would you say is your best feature?  
My eyes. 

What do you do differently to set yourself apart from other models?  
I think outside the box and work hard to accomplish my goals and set them so they are obtainable.

Where do you hope your modeling will take you?  
Into the acting world.  I've filmed a few shows already and hired an acting coach so I'm busy with that as well.

What do you want to do outside of modeling?  

What do you think people like most about you?  
I'm energetic and have a good personality and a big heart.  I'd do anything I could for someone in need :)

Do you have any tattoos or piercing’s? 
If so, where and what?  

Where is the craziest place you've had sex?  In a moving car while driving down the highway.

Who would you say is the most famous person that you have worked with?  
I have no clue I've worked a lot in the MMA world and also with a few actors and tv hosts.  I spokesmodel for Tito Ortiz and did a job one time with Hulk Hogan.  I've worked with a few celebs I can't think of off the top of my head.

What would the average person say about you?  
That my beautiful on the inside.

Tell us a few characteristics of a man that would instantly catch your eye.  
I like eyes.  I also like guys with drive and ambition.  I can't be with a couch potato.  

What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?  
I have fans that write me all the time.  My favorite fan is Caleb Price he writes me all the time.  I also have a fan that created a fanclub for me and other fans have sent me artwork of me in the mail.  My fans are good to me :)

Any photographers you enjoy working with or hope to work with?  
Justin Price he's my favorite :)

Which internet websites would you say you spend most of your time at?  
Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google Plus.

If you could play lead role in any type of movie, What kind of movie would it be?  
An action or horror flick.

Do you have a favorite Car?  
Bentley GTC

What do you like most about your body?  
My booty!

What do you like least?  
My stomach.  My hands.  I think they are short and fat lol!

What turns you on?  
Guys that have ambition and drive and treat a girl right.

What turns you off?  
Bad table manners.  Those are the worst!  Also, bad hygiene, jealousy and laziness.

What kind of music are you listening to these days?  
Mainly gangsta rap, dubstep and 90's.  As you can tell my taste of music is all over the place.

Best pickup line you've ever heard?  
There is no such thing.

Worst  pickup line you've ever heard?  
Girl I wish you were a stamp so I could lick you all over.  Also, some dude came up to me at a gas station and said "I ain't no weatherman but if you hang with me tonight you can expect more than 9 inches."  Let's just say pickup lines don't work at all.

If you could be a super hero, what would that superhero be like?  
Catwoman!!!! She's so bad ass!

How many kids in high school have asked you out?  
Not one.  Until now lol!  Way to late!