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Gary Miller Foto

Meet amazingly talented photographer Gary Miller! Gary is one of the epic glamour photographer in my opinion. The best feature of his photography which fascinate someone easily is shining bright. He is adept of using light. Gary is specialized on glamour, fashion, swimsuits, lingerie, fitness, editorial and more.

You can check some of his works on his Model Mayhem page.

Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/466966

Official Website: www.garymillerfoto.com
Twitter: twitter.com/GaryMillerFoto

Model: Ana Braga
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/31394

Model: April Cheryse
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/455314

SWIMXOTIC: New definition of bikinis!

Meet sexy swimwear line "SWIMXOTIC". The number one mission here at SWIMXOTIC is to design high quality sexy swimwear that you will love to wear or love to see your special someone wearing. The swimwear line is based on the thought of a sexy confident woman strolling out to the pool, beach, lake, club, stage, bedroom, photo shoot.

SWIMXOTIC swimwear line features the following categories of bikini.
# Sexy Two Piece Bikinis
# Sheer Two Piece Bikinis
# Extreme Monokinis
# Sling Shot Bikinis
# One Piece Bikinis / Bodysuits
# Teardrop G-String Bikinis
# Extreme Bikinis
# Scrunch Butt Bikinis 

Official Website: swimxotic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/swimxotic

Model: Amy Nicole Moore
Photographer: AMaginations Photography

Model: Ashley Nicole Arthur
                                             Photographer: Tomasino Photos

AMaginations Photography: Beyond your imaginations!

Meet the incredibly talented photographer AMaginations Photography! He is that type of photographer with whom any glamour model likes to work with him. I know him since 2006. During this time he created tons of beautiful images of stunning curvaceous girls like a professional artist. I think he has snapped 80% of his photography on beach. In his photography you can get the flavor of glamour and nature at the same time.
He has published 2 books. 

His first book titled "Beach"  that showcases his passion for shooting the most desirable and curvaceous girls on the beach over the last decade. This first edition includes 40 pages and over 100 full color images of his favorite photographs snapped at the beach. If you'd like to preview and/or purchase the book, please visit: http://www.blurb.com/books/2349601

The second book, titled “Babes”  that showcases his history over the last decade of shooting the most incredibly talented and knockout beauties on the planet.  If you'd like to preview and/or purchase the book, please visit this link: http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/3009675

He is now running a brand new website titled WILDERAMAGINATIONS.com, where you can meet the girls of your wildest amaginations! There are updates 4 times in a month that means once in a week. Each update contains 5 sets of different sexy and stunning girls. You can purchase these picture  sets from the website.

Twitter: twitter.com/AMaginationsPho
InstaGram: AMaginationsphotography

Model: Amanda Rae Michaels

Paige Cowell: Stunning National AMA ATV racer!

Meet the unique blonde, stunning and beautiful Paige Cowell! She is not only a glamour model but also a National AMA ATV racer! Traveling all over the US racing... Its her passion & race in the Monster Jam events as a Female Team Captain! Paige has already feature in so many promotional events, magazines, calendars, websites and TVs. The most important thing is, besides modeling Paige is a loving person. I meet a lot of models over the internet but among them Paige is one of the best people person. She is that type of girl who can easily drive you crazy.

Guys, stay tuned with Paige. You can follow Paige on the following social networking sites!

Official Website: www.paigecowell.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PaigeCowell
Instagram: motoprincess27 

Image Courtesy of: Paige Cowell 
Photography by: Adam King Photography and HM Photography

Melissa Lori: Naturally Proud Baby

Meet the natural beauty, sexy and stunning Melissa Lori. Melissa started modeling since she was ten years old and have always had the passion for it. She hope that through her modeling she can inspire others to follow their dreams. She is very outgoing and love posing and being in front of the camera. Every feature of Melissa is all natural and she is very proud of it. Look at these pics and her smile make you thinking of her. Oh GOD! I'm dreaming!! I need Melissa!!!

Official Website: melissalori.com

You can follow Melissa Lori on various Social networking sites!

Facebook: facebook.com/MelissaLoriFans 
Instagram: melissalori 

Twitter: @melissalori1 

Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/2352236

Image Courtesy of: Melissa Lori 
Photography by: AMaginations Photography

Nicole Hampton: Blonde Seduction

Meet the stunning, sexy and beautiful Florida baby Nicole Hampton. She is totally gorgeous and appealing. Nicole is a 19 years old model with some unique features that makes her different. Imagine... She is only 19 years old! OMG! I'm dreaming! Nicole is serious about her modeling career with plans to take it straight to the top.

You can follow Nicole Hampton on various Social networking sites! She is totally people person. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nicolehamptonxo 
Twitter: @xonicolehampton 
Instagram: @nicolehamptonxo 

Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/2209567

Image Courtesy of: Nicole Hampton
Photography by: AMaginations Photography

Amy Nicole Moore: Blonde Baby

Amy Nicole Moore is one of my favorite Florida babes. I first found Amy on AMaginations Photography's MM page. I think the unique feature of Amy is her look. It's sexy and innocent at a time. She is that type of girl who make you dream! 

Guys, you can follow Amy on Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmyNicole82
Instagram: amynicolem82 

MM: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2897524

Image Courtesy of: Amy Nicole Moore
Photography by: AMaginations Photography
Swimsuit: swimxotic.com

Heather Shanholtz: Boobs and Brains!

When I started to surfing over the internet for beautiful girls in a sexy micro bikini then I've found Heather Shanholtz as an unique beauty. She is simply stunning! She has the ability to fascinate someone with her sexy look. Moreover Heather is not only a beautiful girl but also a beautiful person and that is why I posted my first blog post as a tribute to Heather Shanholtz. I like Heather a lot cause she is a totally people person and so much versatile. To describe Heather I would like to say few words: Boobs and Brains!

Heather's website: www.HeatherShanholtz.com
E-mail:  Booking@HeatherShanholtz.com 
Model Mayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/22359

Guys, you can follow Heather on various social networking sites! 

Instagram: @HShanholtz

Image Courtesy of: Heather Shanholtz
Photography by: AMaginations Photography