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Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot

Meet Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot that provides Caribbean destination photo shoot workshops run by photographers for photographers, models and industry professionals

Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot workshop packages are for photographers of all skill levels. The typical packages include hotel, transportation to shoot locations, some meals, lighting set-ups when needed and of course models. The itineraries for the trips offer a range of shooting locations from city streets, markets and architecture, beautifully appointed hotels and rooms, beaches and other nature locations offered by the destination. They will have models who shoot editorial, fashion boudoir, implied and nude. The packages include group shoots with all the models. Photographers will have opportunities to hire the models individually for private sessions as well.

Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot workshops are a perfect promotion for companies to expose their brand. Companies can hold contests either online or at their locations that can build their audience, attendance and revenues through social media.

Nightclubs, Bars & Liquor Brands: Hold contests that offer the Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot model sponsorship as the grand prize. Run the contest however bests suits your customer base (bikini, lingerie, cocktail dress, etc). You can have one event or multiple events that lead up to a final contest. Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot will assist the venue in recruiting contestants and marketing of the event. 

Clothing Companies: Feature your fashion in Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot. For a nominal sponsorship fee the models will wear the fashion you provide for the photo shoots. Contact for more details on sponsoring events.

Online Contest Sponsors: Whatever your brand you can increase your social media presence with branded online contests where models compete for a spot on one of the Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot trips. They can help you with all the technical assistance and tools to set-up a campaign designed to build your social media fan base. Contact them for more details on sponsoring an online competition.

Note: Upcoming Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot on May 22-26 is officially SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the next one.

Website: www.caribbeandreamphotoshoot.com
Email: rcruit@caribbeandreamshoot.com

Photos by HM Photography from previous successful Caribbean Dream Photo Shoot

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