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Customized Private Photography Sessions with AMaginations Photography

Are you a photographer interested in learning how to be successful in model photography? Don't know how to shoot with natural light but want to learn? Not sure exactly how to pose a model? 

Group workshops and shootouts are a fantastic way to network with multiple photographers and models in unique settings.  But, a private tutorial session with an established photographer, experienced models & a customized agenda made for your needs may be what you need to take your skills to another level.  

AMaginations Photography is now offering private tutorial photography sessions customized to meet your needs. 

Perhaps you are a model photographer who needs help: 
* Shooting with and in natural light settings, including direct sunlight. 
* Creatively composing your photos when shooting models. 
* Posing your model in a sexy but classy way that accentuates her best assets. 
* Learning what equipment you need to shoot with natural light. 
* Providing quality customer service that sets you apart from the competition. 
* Organizing and planning shoots with models. 
* Editing your images to make them stand out but not look over-edited. 
* Communicating with exceptionally hot and out of your league model talent. 
* Creating a brand and a style of photography that sets you apart from others. 
* Learning how to shoot in difficult, natural settings like the beach. 
* Learning how to turn your imagery into a revenue source rather than an expensive hobby.

If any of those describe you and your interests, then perhaps scheduling a private photography session with AMaginations Photography is something for you to consider.  If you are familiar with AMaginations Photography's beach, bikini and glamour model photography the last 15 years, then you know the successes AMaginations Photography have had in shooting some of the best and most beautiful talent there is on the planet. If you're not familiar, just Google AMaginations Photography's work! 

If a private photography session is something you're interested in, send AMaginations Photography a private message or an email (AMaginations@aol.com) and let's have a chat about what you want to learn. Rates are negotiable and customized based on your needs and interests. You can even help choose the type of model you wanna shoot for your session! 

Models: Jessica Martin and Kriss Cunningham
Bodysuits by SWIMXOTIC

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