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Heather Shanholtz: Beauty with brain!

Heather Shanholtz is a full time Miami, Florida based model. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in a very quiet country town in Jarrettsville, MD. She treats the modeling world like a business and thinks out the box to land herself different jobs. What sets her apart from other models is that she doesn't model for one specific genre.

During her short career, Heather has accomplished every goal she had set for herself but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more. Heather has been featured in over 45 national magazines including Maxim, FHM and Muscle Mag. Heather is also very well know in the MMA world with her being a spokes model for Tito Ortiz for his clothing line Punishment Athletics and countless features in all of the MMA related magazines and websites. Heather is also the spokes model for a company called Flying Pasties. The company invented special pasties to wear under your clothes when entering body scanners at the airport.

Heather has done countless appearances, car shows and radio interviews. Recently Heather has found her new love, acting. Heather is to appear with feature roles on the shows Graceland (to air this summer on the USA network) and The Glades to air sometime this year. Last year Heather also accomplished one of her other goals and attended International Stunt School where she became a certified stunt woman. She jumped from buildings, was lit on fire, did combat and knife fights and also driving stunts. With receiving countless awards and recognition in the modeling industry she is ready to accomplish her next set of goals.

Recently Heather has started her new company "Provocative Impressions" with her new business partner and photographer Justin Price! Provocative Impressions is a sexy blend of body and paint meeting canvas in a sensual performance that produces exotic pieces of art.

                                                          Photographer: Oscar Rabeiro
You may have seen Heather Shanholtz: 
Models Mania Magazine Cover Girl February 2012 pgs: 108-116 
Kandy Magazine January 2012 (Shoot by: Aaron Riveroll) 
Social Florida's Guide Magazine December 2011 pg. 91 for winning Swimsuit Model of the Year for Women in the Arts 
Nine5Four Magazine December 2011 pg 26 for Aphrodisiac Ice Cream (Shoot by: Justin Price)
CRED Xclusive Magazine Nov 2011 pgs 52-57 (Shoot by: Aaron Riveroll) 
Cover of Shock Magazine August 2011 (Shoot by: Aaron Riveroll) 
Dynasty Magazine Issue #2 pgs 28-33 
The Ring Magazine September 2011 pgs 29-31 (Shoot by: Aaron Riveroll & Kenny Roland) 
305 Hip-Hop Magazine August 2011 (Shoot by: OTB, Makeup by: Jeanette Mendez) 
Zaria Magazine Issue #5 w/ Rali Ivanova (Shoot by: OTB Photography) 
American Curves July 2011 pgs 96-103 (Shoot by: Rich Cutrone) 
On the cover of Ultimate MMA May 2011 (Shoot by: Dave Alan) 
Slitz Magazine April 2011 (Shoot by: Eduardo Valdes from OTB Photography) 
Planet Muscle April 2011 (Shoot by: Claude Taylor) 
American Curves Swimsuits 2011 pgs 68-69 (Shoot by: Justin Price) 
Muscle Mag April 2011 (Shoot by: Justin Price) 
Maxim Espanol January 2011 pg 17 (Shoot by: Oscar Rabeiro) 
Ultimate MMA Magazine February 2011 (Shoot by: Dave Alan) 
American Curves Winter Edition Thongs (Shoot by: Justin Price) 
American Curves Magazine November 2010 / pgs 64-73 (Shoot by: Justin Price) 
Zaria Magazine November 2010 (Shoot by: Eduardo Valdes www.OTBMIAMI.com) 
Strobe Magazine Cover Girl October 2010 (Shoot by: Wavehead Media) 
American Curves Magazine September 2010 / pgs 60 -67 (Shoot by: Rich Cutrone) 
The Dupont Registry August 2010 (Shoot by: Imagezz!) 

Heather Shanholtz's contact info is as follows: 
E-mail:  Booking@HeatherShanholtz.com 
Website:  www.HeatherShanholtz.com 
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ModelHeather 
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/Hshanholtz 

Mailing Address:      

Heather Shanholtz 
PO Box 371459 
Miami, FL 33911 

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