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AMaginations Photography: Beyond your imaginations!

Meet the incredibly talented photographer AMaginations Photography! He is that type of photographer with whom any glamour model likes to work with him. I know him since 2006. During this time he created tons of beautiful images of stunning curvaceous girls like a professional artist. I think he has snapped 80% of his photography on beach. In his photography you can get the flavor of glamour and nature at the same time.
He has published 2 books. 

His first book titled "Beach"  that showcases his passion for shooting the most desirable and curvaceous girls on the beach over the last decade. This first edition includes 40 pages and over 100 full color images of his favorite photographs snapped at the beach. If you'd like to preview and/or purchase the book, please visit: http://www.blurb.com/books/2349601

The second book, titled “Babes”  that showcases his history over the last decade of shooting the most incredibly talented and knockout beauties on the planet.  If you'd like to preview and/or purchase the book, please visit this link: http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/3009675

He is now running a brand new website titled WILDERAMAGINATIONS.com, where you can meet the girls of your wildest amaginations! There are updates 4 times in a month that means once in a week. Each update contains 5 sets of different sexy and stunning girls. You can purchase these picture  sets from the website.

Twitter: twitter.com/AMaginationsPho
InstaGram: AMaginationsphotography

Model: Amanda Rae Michaels

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