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SWIMXOTIC: New definition of bikinis!

Meet sexy swimwear line "SWIMXOTIC". The number one mission here at SWIMXOTIC is to design high quality sexy swimwear that you will love to wear or love to see your special someone wearing. The swimwear line is based on the thought of a sexy confident woman strolling out to the pool, beach, lake, club, stage, bedroom, photo shoot.

SWIMXOTIC swimwear line features the following categories of bikini.
# Sexy Two Piece Bikinis
# Sheer Two Piece Bikinis
# Extreme Monokinis
# Sling Shot Bikinis
# One Piece Bikinis / Bodysuits
# Teardrop G-String Bikinis
# Extreme Bikinis
# Scrunch Butt Bikinis 

Official Website: swimxotic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/swimxotic

Model: Amy Nicole Moore
Photographer: AMaginations Photography

Model: Ashley Nicole Arthur
                                             Photographer: Tomasino Photos

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